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 Mutilation of the Martyrs

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mahmoud younis

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PostSubject: Mutilation of the Martyrs   Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:03 am

That was the last attack made by the idolaters against the Prophet [pbuh]. Being almost certain of his death, the idolaters returned to their camp and started preparations to go back to Makkah. Some of them involved themselves in mutilating the killed Muslims, and so did their women. Women and men cut off the ears, the noses, the genitals of the martyrs. They even cut open their bellies. Hind bin ‘Utbah — for instance — ripped open the liver of Hamzah and chewed it; but finding it unpleasant, she spat it out. She even made the ears and noses of Muslims into anklets and necklaces. [Ibn Hisham 2/90]
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Mutilation of the Martyrs
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